Facilities & Services


Management representatives for 235 St Georges Terrace include the building Facilities Manager and the Property Manager. The Property Manager is located within the Hawaiian Perth office and the Facilities Manager is located in the Facilities Managers Office on Level Basement 4. The 235 St Georges Terrace Management Team is responsible for all aspects of the building’s operations and services. The team is committed to providing tenants with high standards of office accommodation and services to ensure the comfort of all occupants and suitability of services.


235 St Georges Tce comprises of nine floors plus two basement levels.

A typical floor has a live load allowance (people, desks etc) of 3.5kPa with a superimposed dead load (more permanent actions including items like ceiling and mechanical plant) of 0.5kPa. Compactus areas will be adjacent to cores with a live load allowance of 7.5kPa and a superimposed dead load of 0.5kPa. A typical floor plate is 2000m².


235 St Georges Terrace is serviced by five (5) lifts providing access to all office levels and car park basement levels, located centrally within the core area of the building’s floor space.

Outside of normal business hours, access to floors can only be gained by the use of a programmed access card. Tenants with particular security needs may arrange to secure their floor at times independent of normal building hours.

Passenger Only Lifts 

There are 4 x 21 person passenger lifts serving levels B3, B2, Ground and Levels 1 to 8. The load is rated to 1600kg and a minimum speed of 3.54m/s.

Goods Lift 

One of the lifts is enabled as a Goods Lift to be utilised during fitout, heavy load transportation and deliveries. The available capacity of this lift is 2,500kg and serves all floors. The internal height of the goods lift can be adjusted to from 2.6m to 3.4m by taking out the removable ceiling

Fire Services

235 St Georges Terrace has a fire sprinkler system and fire hydrant and hose reel system in compliance with the current building regulations and Australian standards, which include:

  • An approved fire sprinkler system
  • Fire telephone installed on each floor
  • Fire stair pressurisation
  • Emergency evacuation warning system
  • Emergency lighting.

Standby Power

A diesel operated generator provides standby power to the building.  The following standby power shall be provided as a minimum:
  • 100% standby power available for all tenancies and base build
  • 50% power outlets to office areas
  • 50% lighting to office areas, toilets and plant room
  • 100% power and air conditioning to tenant computer IT areas and equipment rooms
  • 100% security system including CCTV
  • 50% lift services
  • 100% essential fire and life safety services including essential plant and equipment associated with the operation of the condenser water loop
  • 100% sewerage and sump pumps

Air Conditioning

The building system is designed to maintain 23.5°C in summer with set point automatically adjusted to 22.5°C in winter to reflect clothing changes during building operating hours. The system is designed to minimise energy consumption. After hours air conditioning is available at all times. A supplementary tenant closed loop system is available with standby pumps, cooling towers and heat exchangers to ensure full capacity is available during maintenance or breakdown. This system is operational at all times.

The core operating hours for the air conditioning is (business days) 7.00am to 6.00pm. Air conditioning maintenance faults are to be reported to the Facilities Manager via a tenant company's appointed Tenant Representative.


Day Cleaners are appointed to the building and work between 6.30am and 2.30pm week days. Special request cleaning can be arranged through the Facilities Manager. Major irregular cleaning when required will occur with advance notice to affected tenants and pedestrians. At all times, any disruptions are considered and the impact on tenants and pedestrians is aimed to be minimised.

Co-mingled and cardboard recycling is available.


The Concierge is located at the desk in the Ground Floor foyer and is a customer service representative, point of contact and information source for the building occupants and visitors as well as security presence for the main lobby.

Conference Room Bookings

A fully equipped conference room is available on the ground floor and can accommodate 110 people seated. The facility includes state of the art projection, sound and video systems. The layout of the room can be changed to be appropriate for various functions with the availability of various shapes and sizes of tables to facilitate discussion, encourage communications and support education as required. The room includes a modern AV and complimentary WiFi is available until 9pm. 

Parking Information

235 St Georges Terrace provides secure covered car parking available to tenants and located on two levels within the basement (accessed via lift for each level).

The building offers 101 car bays including mixed permanent, casual and public bays. Access and egress off Spring Street.

Bays can be licensed by tenants and tenants staff on a monthly basis or long term. Vehicle entry to the car park is via Spring Street and programming of the security access cards will be required to gain access.

Sixty secure bike racks are also available in the car park. Cyclists can hire these racks and request that their security access card be programmed to open the bicycle storage room.

Toilets, lockers for hire and change rooms are also provided for cyclists and are located on the Basement 3 Level. Access is by presentation of an appropriately programmed access card.

Loading bays are accessible via Spring Street and have a 15 minute time limit.


Trained contracted security officers provide random patrols of the building to ensure security to all perimeter areas, and internal office area patrols outside normal business hours.

235 St Georges Terrace is equipped with a modern and sophisticated proximity based access control system and a closed circuit television network (CCTV). The building core security hours during business days are:

 Ground Floor

  • Security off (all pedestrian entry points) 7:00am
  • Security on (all pedestrian entry points) 6:00pm

Car Park (Roller doors)

Car park access via the lifts has security on 24 hours/day.  Access to authorised programmed access card holders only.  If you need to organise any function after business hours, please advise the Facilities Manager in order to make appropriate security access arrangements. 

Common Driveway

  • Security off 7:00am
  • Security on 6:00pm

Loading Dock

  • Security off 7:00am
  • Security on 5:00pm


Tenants and their staff are updated on significant activities within the building and amongst the gardens by e-alerts to registered contacts in our commercial management system Work Request that is accessible under ‘Tenant Login’ from the homepage of this website. Registered contacts are encouraged to share the information with their colleagues in the building. If required, hard copy information about activities and updates will also be available at the Concierge Desk in the Ground Floor lobby.