Do Your Part to Keep WA Safe

We would like to provide you with an update on the WA government requirements on the reintroduction of contact registers. This is an additional protection measure and will assist with WA Department of Health contact tracing. WA businesses and venues will be required to maintain a mandatory contact register for staff and patrons, from the 5 December 2020.

Designated businesses and venues will be required to collect the date, name, telephone number and arrival time of all patrons, staff, visitors and contractors that attend the premises.

To assist businesses and venues, the WA Government has developed the free, SafeWA app, an online contact register system that uses QR Codes for people to scan and register their attendance. This app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and more information can be found at 

From Monday 7 December 2020, if you wish to make a purchase from Barista 235 and eat or drink in the seating area, you will need to register your attendance via the “SafeWA” app, by scanning the QR code, which will be located at the Point of Sale. If for some reason you do not have access to the App, you will be asked to complete a manual sign in sheet at the Point of Sale, but please bear in mind that the App provides the same information and is much quicker.

Tenants booking the conference room facilities will also be required to collect contact tracing information. The same process will be employed, with a location specific QR code displayed at the entrance to the conference room. If tenants wish to use a manual sign in sheet, they will be required to retain this information for a minimum 28days.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation to satisfy this new WA State Government requirement.