A conversation could change a life, so why not have a chat on Hawaiian & Brookfield Properties // Thursday 9 September

On Thursday 9 September Hawaiian & Brookfield Properties encourages our tenants to stop and have the chat. We will be providing free coffees at Barista 235 (Lobby Cafe) on Thursday 9 September.* T&C's Apply.

To redeem your free coffee simply present your R U OK? Day Voucher to staff. Vouchers will be delivered to your tenancy between the 7-8 September. 

When we genuinely ask, “are you OK?” and are prepared to talk to them about how they’re feeling and what’s going on in their life we can help someone who might be struggling feel connected and supported, long before they’re in crisis.

Don’t wait until someone’s visibly distressed; make a moment meaningful today and ask “are you OK?”.

Other meaningful moments to talk about life’s ups and downs are more likely to happen when we’re spending quality time together. Some good opportunities for talking include:

  • On breaks from work or study.
  • When exercising together.
  • When connecting or doing activities together online.
  • When you’re spending time together socially.
  • When you’re doing an activity side-by-side.
  • When you’re sharing a meal.
  • When you’re travelling together, even a short trip can be a good time to talk.

Are they really OK? Ask them today. A conversation could change a life. If you need immediate crisis or emotional support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. R U OK? is a national charity dedicated to inspiring all of us to have regular, meaningful conversations to support anyone struggling with life’s ups and downs. You can find conversation tips at ruok.org.au