Happy Fathers Day // Sunday 5 September


He's the man with a baby strapped tight to his chest in a harness that he had to check was the BEST, he wears it with pride for the whole world to see, like he's shouting out loud, 'this small creature’s with me'. 

He's the man who insists that he checks your car's tyres, who opens the bonnet and jiggles the wires, refills the oil and the windscreen stuff too and never once minds that you don't have a clue. 

He's the man who reads books to the kids every night, squinting at print in the day's dying light, bringing their stories to life in their heads, then tucking them up safe and sound in their beds. 

He's the man who you still can't believe isn't here even though he's been gone now for days, weeks, months, years... but you'll never be truly, completely apart because a bit of him lives with each beat of your heart... 

He's the man who helped make you who you are right now, the man who would always help if he knew how. The man who'd be there by your side come what may... the man who deserves to be honoured today.

To all the Dads – we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday, 5 September!