Breaking the Plastic Habit

Brookfield Place Perth is one of two major precincts within Australia to have been chosen to lead the way in a pilot program that commits us to avoid single-use plastics where we can.

What that means is we are committed to making better choices in our supply chain and to collaborating with our tenants and the community to create long-term, sustainable behavioural change for more people to avoid single-use plastics more often.

There has never been a better time to do it.

Australia consumes over 1 million tonnes of single-use plastics every year, and every year approximately 130,000 tonnes of plastic leaks into the marine environment from Australia alone,  breaking down into harmful microplastics. 

Once in the ocean, plastics endanger our marine wildlife and the functioning of our ocean ecosystems. Studies have also shown that it has entered the food chain and is ending up on our plates.

So that’s why we’re stepping up. The planet needs us.

At Brookfiled Place you will also notice a plastics bin where you can recycle your used bottles or cans by scanning the barcode and depositing in the chute. All monies rasied goes back into supporting plastic free local charities.