Together we can help thousands in WA this Christmas


Hawaiian, Foodbank WA and Anglicare WA have joined forces to help the thousands of West Australians who will struggle this Christmas.

Each and every year thousands of Western Australians find themselves growing anxious about the Christmas holidays. Instead of getting ready for a family celebration they are facing a different reality; one that involves explaining to their family why they won’t be having a special meal or presents under a Christmas tree.

Whether they have lost their job or faced a family tragedy or any one of life’s curveballs, every year people find themselves in a position that they need help.

In 2013, Hawaiian partnered with the two not-for-profits because we recognised we could use our properties to help both groups collect donations to meet the influx of demands; connecting our partners with our shoppers, making it easier for our community to donate.

Click here find out how you can donate to the Hawaiian Giving Box online or in our shopping centres.