Rail Disruption, Plan Ahead

Train commuters are being warned to plan their travel well ahead of next month's rail closures, which are being described as the biggest planned rail disruption in Perth's history.

The first closure will take effect from 7pm on 12 July to the last service 17 July.

The entire Fremantle line will be closed during this period with all other lines impacted to some extent. The rail closures are needed to commission the new Fremantle Line tunnel and to carry out rail work on the crossovers within the Joondalup Line tunnel.

Perth station and Perth Underground will be closed during this time. The shutdown will take place over three workdays during a school holiday period. There will be no Football Special train for the Mandurah line and no football services on the Fremantle line for the 14 July AFL Derby at Patersons Stadium. When Perth Station re-opens commuters should check for platform changes including the Midland-Fremantle through-service which is returning.

Fremantle line commuters should also check for timetable changes when the line reopens.

The second rail closure will take place from 31 July to 4 August. The entire Fremantle line will once again be closed with fewer disruptions to other lines.

For more information about the closures and train replacement buses visit the Public Transport Authority website.