Your Wellness This August


Hawaiian & Brookfield Properties presents along with Kelley Sloan Owner and Certified Nutrition Practitioner of One Wellness - Your perfect winter wellness workshops.

Whether you can only attend one workshop or all four - we can’t wait to see you there.

Walk in's welcome - however if you can RSVP in advance that would be helpful for catering / seating purposes please email [email protected]

Kelley Sloan's passion for health, nutrition, and overall wellness was born after she was diagnosed as 'Coeliac' several years ago and wanted to take a bit more of a look at her own health. She undertook further study in nutrition to understand her own body and help others experiencing similar issues.

Join us:

  • Every Tuesday (3rd, 17th 24th and 31st) 
  • At 12.15 - 1.15pm 
  • In the Conference Room (next to the Concierge desk)
  • Light lunch provided 

Workshop Details:

3 August - Wellness Hacks; how to lose and then maintain your weight + improve your health without trying

  • This workshop will be full of actionable tips that you can easily implement at home and at worth. With some people being more focused on healthy wight lose and maintenance while others simply want to focus on immunity boosting to keep healthy throughout winter and the rest of the year.

17 August – How to eat healthily when you’re busy

  • Step by step, actionable tips that you can follow to maintain your health while enjoying a busy and full life.

24 August – Food labelling and nutrition claims

  • This workshop teaches you how to correctly read food labels, how to understand the nutritional claims on food products and what to believe and avoid. Receive take home guides that will help you when food shopping to help make better choices.

31 August – Understanding FAD diets, why they don’t work long term ad what to do instead

  • Gather information about the pros and cons of all well know FAD diets, who they are and aren’t beneficial for, what to do long term if you are on one and if you have had no success with them, what to do instead.